Kenjgewin Teg Introduces Enaadmaagemgad Enizha’yaayin: Helping You on Your Pathway, a Groundbreaking Program for Skill Development

M’Chigeeng First Nation, ON– Kenjgewin Teg is launching a new program, Enaadmaagemgad Enizha’yaayin: Helping You on Your Pathway. This innovative, free three-week program is specifically designed to empower and equip students aged 18 years and older with a diverse range of foundational skills, enabling their success in future educational endeavours.

Enaadmaagemgad Enizha’yaayin is founded on the traditional teachings of the medicine wheel, serving as a comprehensive guide for holistic development. The program aims to help students with their emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental health while giving them tools to build both their personal and professional bundles.

Whitney McGraw, the Director of Health and Wellness at Kenjgewin Teg, elaborated on the program’s vision, stating, “Enaadmaagemgad Enizha’yaayin aims to foster students’ well-being across all dimensions of their lives. We believe that true success stems from a balanced and harmonious approach to personal growth. By integrating traditional teachings with contemporary skill development, we are nurturing individuals who are well-equipped to thrive in their educational journeys and beyond.”

Through the program, participants will immerse themselves in traditional teachings, gaining valuable insights and knowledge from Elders and Traditional Knowledge holders. Additionally, students will participate in workshops tailored to enhance practical skills, including resume building, proficiency in Microsoft applications, and professional communication techniques. This holistic approach ensures that participants not only acquire critical academic skills but also develop the essential tools required to navigate the professional world with confidence.

“Enaadmaagemgad Enizha’yaayin represents Kenjgewin Teg’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional educational experiences that embrace cultural heritage while fostering personal and professional growth,” shared Kenjgewin Teg President Beverley Roy. “By equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge, this program paves the way for their success in pursuing their chosen educational paths and achieving their aspirations.”

Enrollment for the Enaadmaagemgad Enizha’yaayin program running August 14-31, 2023, is now open, and interested individuals are encouraged to contact Health and Wellness Academic Coach Kayla Kay for any inquiries or to register at


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About Kenjgewin Teg
Situated on the picturesque Mnidoo Mnising (Manitoulin Island) in Northern Ontario, Kenjgewin Teg remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. Grounded in the rich history, ancestral knowledge, stories, and traditional teachings of the land, Kenjgewin Teg is dedicated to nurturing students’ identities and sharing the richness of Anishinabek language (Anishinabemowin), culture, and tradition with the world.

Kenjgewin Teg is one of nine Indigenous Institutes in Ontario recognized under the Indigenous Institutes Act of 2017.
In January 2022, Kenjgewin Teg was declared an accredited Indigenous Institute in Ontario by the Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council (IAESC).

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