Student Services Philosophy

We aim to provide an experience for our students that goes above and beyond the content of their chosen field of study. We believe that for our students to be successful, they will not only learn from presented instruction, but they will learn about themselves, through opportunities of self discovery, self care, and being a member of a thriving learning community.

At Student Services, we understand the value of striving for balance. We provide opportunities for students to create that balance in their lives, not only here on campus, but with the help and partnership of our local communities and affiliates.

We understand that our students carry their own history and story, as well as a shared history. We acknowledge that journey, and our opportunity to promote self awareness and self care for our students.

Teacher giving a lecture to a large group outside the teaching lodge

Our Environment

One of the first things that students and visitors notice when coming to Kenjgewin Teg is the environment. We wish to create and maintain an environment that our students feel welcomed to, and comfortable in. This is something that all members of Kenjgewin Teg feel a responsibility to uphold, and understand not only its benefits, but see it as a necessity to Student Life.

Direct Student Services

  • Student Check-ins – a starting point to implement supports, low/ lower risk intervention. Also, an opportunity for encouragement.

  • Academic Counselling – opportunity to discuss goals, required accommodations, creating plans and accountability

  • Tutoring – working with identified staff and resources

  • Attendance Monitoring/Intervention

  • Clinical Counselling (remote)

  • Traditional Supports (Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Language Carriers)

  • External Referrals (students seeking a specialized service)

  • Advocacy

Students and staff posing in orange t-shirts
Group of young people and their teacher seated around a drum

Anishinaabe Aadziwin (Our Way of Life)

  • Traditional knowledge presented through various teachings, ceremonies, story-telling, language learning opportunities, and land-based experiences.

  • Students have an average of 4 opportunities each month to participate in Aadziwin learning opportunities.

  • Full-time students who earn a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours are eligible to receive the ‘Aadziwin distinction’ upon graduation from their respective program.

Student Nutrition

  • E-Spirit Café – our students are offered continental breakfast, nutrition break items, and hot lunch each and every day. This is an excellent retention practice. We understand that at times, this program subsidizes nutritional needs for our students. We also send home “nutrition packages” upon request, or over a weekend.

  • Student Food Bank – students have ready access to a student food bank. Beyond the basic stocking of this service, staff members also donate to the student food bank. We have been very fortunate to receive donations from local harvesters (wild game and fish) that we share with our students.

  • Cookhouse – traditional cooking opportunities, opportunity to integrate community at large.

Frying food over a fire