Additional Qualifications (AQ) Courses

As an accredited Additional Qualifications (AQ) provider through the Ontario College of Teachers, Kenjgewin Teg offers AQ courses that are designed for certified teachers that focus on the Ontario education curriculum.

Expand your knowledge, inspire your pedagogy, and advance your career through one or more of our AQ courses.

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Employment and Skills Development

Kenjgewin offers a variety of options for learners who want to upgrade skills, increase personal growth and inspire learning pathways or goals. Employment & Skills Development courses are offered in-person and/or online (remote learning) to offer flexibility for those who have busy lifestyles but want to expand their knowledge and skill set. Courses offerings have varying start times, and you choose which course/s you want and when you can take them!

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Ask about our programs!

For more information, to inquire about past/future program offerings, or if there is a program that you’re interested in that is not listed above, send an inquiry to us! We’d love to hear from you.