Kenjgewin Teg Bursaries and Awards

Post-secondary students enrolled at Kenjgewin Teg are eligible for additional awards and bursaries offered and awarded directly by Kenjgewin Teg. The amount of a student’s award and bursary will vary according to assessed financial need, number of applicants, and availability of funds for allocation. Financial information submitted by students is kept confidential. Eligibility requirements, application forms, and deadlines are posted within Kenjgewin Teg’s campus life communications for students.

Our Winter 2022 bursaries have been awarded.  Applications for the Fall 2022 bursaries will open in October.

Group drumming at Kenjgewin Teg graduation ceremony
Group of students in the classroom

Partner Colleges and Universities – Bursaries and Awards

Kenjgewin Teg is a community-based Indigenous higher education place of learning delivering many programs together with its Ontario college and university partners. Post-secondary students who choose to study at Kenjgewin Teg are eligible to apply to Kenjgewin Teg’s affiliated partner college and university bursaries and awards based on a student’s program of study hosted at Kenjgewin Teg. Eligibility and decisions of awards and bursaries amounts are made by Kenjgewin Teg’s partners.

Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship – Indspire

As an Indigenous Institute in Ontario, two Kenjgewin Teg students receive Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarships annually from Indspire. This national Indigenous registered charity supports Indigenous post-secondary students in full- and part-time studies in college, university, skilled trades, apprenticeships, and technology programs.

In addition to the Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship, Indigenous students are encouraged to apply to Indspire to access more opportunities for financial support.  

Students enrolled in Kenjgewin Teg’s post-secondary programs are encouraged to apply to as many of these opportunities as eligible!

Kenjgewin Teg graduates in academic dress