Message From The President

Aanii, Bozhoo eh kinomaagaazid!
Kenjgewin Teg welcomes all learners

For the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year, Kenjgewin Teg has planned many career opportunities and pathways to post-secondary learning in the disciplines of Health and Wellness, Teaching and Learning, Skilled Trades, and Business and Technology.  We have also been working hard to expand Anishinabemowin (Ojibwe language) learning opportunities, and we look forward to helping you find the right Anishinabemowin program that will suit your language learning goals.

Once enrolled in your chosen program of study, you will learn within our Anishinabek worldview as part of our teaching and learning model – and you will have the opportunity to graduate with Anishinaabe Aadziwin Distinction!  Supporting your overall academic, emotional, and spiritual wellness as a student of Kenjgewin Teg is important to us; we also believe everyone has a right to learning, and our team will help you navigate any eligible opportunities: community post-secondary and training sponsorships, Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), bursaries, and scholarships.

Be sure to check out this website and our social media throughout the year, as Kenjgewin Teg hosts many more learning opportunities that support ongoing professional learning, such as workplace safety for the skilled trades, professional development for early childhood educators, and a wide variety of general interest learning.

Don’t hesitate – your future awaits at Kenjgewin Teg!

Mino-sami-kinoomaagasiwin! Kina gwaya wiikamigasso maanpii Anishinaabe kinoomaagasiwin temgak!
[Inspired Learning!  An Anishinabek place of learning is a place for all!]


Beverley Roy
Kenjgewin Teg President

Member Nations and Board Representatives