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Anna-Marie Abitong
Anna-Marie AbitongChairperson, Sagamok Anishinawbek
Anna Marie currently serves as the Director of Education for the Sagamok Anishinabek community and has been in this role for 24+ years. She graduated from Ryerson University’s Public Administration and Governance program and is actively involved in the field of Indigenous education for both Kenjgewin Teg and other First Nation communities. Anna Marie is fluent in Ojibwe language and is an asset to the Kenjgewin Teg Board. Anna Marie has been on the Board for over 20 years and has contributed her leadership to the organization’s growth and progress. Anna is married and has two children and one granddaughter.
Debbie Francis
Debbie FrancisAundeck Omni Kaning First Nation
Carlene currently serves in the position of Education Counsellor for the community of Aundeck Omni Kaning, with over 20+ years of experience in this role. She completed her counsellors training with the Ontario Native Education Counselling Association (ONECA). She has served on the Kenjgewin Teg Board of Directors for 15+ years and was first appointed in 1992. Carlene has contributed to the organizational growth of Kenjgewin Teg over the past two decades, to where it has grown to today. Carlene is also a member of the First Nation Advisory Committee (FNAC) with the Rainbow District School Board. Carlene is very active in her First Nation community and serves on the Education Committee, Housing Committee, and Daycare Committee. Carlene’s experience is an asset to the Kenjgewin Teg Board of Directors.
Bill Antoine
Bill AntoineZhiibaahaasing First Nation
William (Bill) Antoine has been involved in First Nation governance and politics for many years and is a former Chief who served in this political role for approximately 10 years. Bill is a proud speaker of Anishinabemowin and has certifications the following areas: early childhood education; national native alcohol and drug abuse program (NNADAP) counsellor; and the Anishinabemowin immersion certificate program. Bill is keenly interested and advocates for lifelong learning opportunities in education and training. Bill believes that Indigenous knowledge must be a part of our learning curriculum and all new program development processes. Bill encourages youth to stay in school and never give up! Bill has been married for 56 years, has three children, 4 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.
Ken Neegan
Ken NeeganConstance Lake First Nation
Ken has been serving as a Board member of Kenjgewin Teg since 2008. Ken Neegan has vast experience working in the First Nations education sector since 1973. Ken’s professional experience includes working as a Social Counsellor, Alternative Education Manager, and now as Education Administrator since 2005 with Constance Lake First Nation. Ken completed grade 13 and went on to Teachers College in North Bay. He also has social counsellor certification from Western University. Ken is a strong community advocate for education solutions and best practices and has served in his community as an elected councilor of the First Nation. Ken has also served on several boards including the Child and Family Services Board as well a board member at the Legal Clinic in Constance Lake First Nation. Ken is married with 4 children and 7 grandchildren.
 Leona Nahwegahbow
Leona NahwegahbowWhitefish River First Nation Representative
Martin Debassige
Martin DebassigeM'Chigeeng First Nation
 Brian McGregor
Brian McGregorSheguiandah First Nation
Robert Beaudin
Robert BeaudinSheshegwaning First Nation