The wisdom of Mnidoo Mnising Elders is Kenjgewin Teg’s first and true source when teaching and learning about Anishinabek Traditional Knowledge and Oral Traditions.

Our Anishinabek Elders and Knowledge Keepers help our students, our team members, and communities connect hearts and minds together within Kenjgewin Teg’s place of learning. Traditional Knowledge of the Anishinabek is not held by any one person, a group of persons, or by any organization(s). Anishinabek Traditional Knowledge has been transmitted for many generations through Anishinabemowin (language), culture, song, dance, and ceremony.

While Kenjgewin Teg’s programs and services engage many Knowledge Holders and Keepers throughout the year in post-secondary program delivery, three Elders and Knowledge Keepers over the past decade have greatly shaped Kenjgewin Teg’s foundation, purpose and growth. These three Elders are also part of Mnidoo Mnising Elders Council and the Council gently reminds us of the sacred teachings we walk with as a place of teaching and learning; the Mnidoo Mnising Elders Council will gently point Kenjgewin Teg in the right direction toward essential and needed change.

Elder Josh sharing a teaching

Our Traditional Knowledge Holders

Gloria Oshkabewisens-McGregor
Gloria Oshkabewisens-McGregorMukwa Dodem, Anishinabek Nation
Anishinabek Elder Gloria Oshkabewisens-McGregor is from Whitefish River First Nation, Mnidoo Mnising (Manitoulin Island), Ontario. Gloria served her community for over 20 years as an educator at the community’s elementary school, Shawanoswe School. Gloria is a graduate of Lakehead University’s Native Language Instructor Program and served as an Elder in Residence for many summers for the students of this program. Gloria works with post-secondary institutions, including as a full-time Elder in Residence of Kenjgewin Teg during implementation of its Anishinabek, Identity, Mind and Skills (AIMS) program from 2012-2014. Gloria continues to be actively involved in Kenjgewin Teg’s future, as well as the United Chiefs and Councils of Mnidoo Mnising Elders Council. She works as a Traditional Elder for the Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre in Sudbury, ON supporting the urban community with traditional forms of spiritual, emotional, and cultural healing and development.
Josh Eshkawkogan
Josh EshkawkoganThunderbird Clan, Anishinabek Nation
Elder Josh Eshkawkogan is a Traditional Healer, Knowledge Keeper, Pipe Carrier, Sweat Lodge Conductor, Anishinaabe language speaker, orator and cultural teachings provider. He is a descendant of Chief Ozawanimiki and a member of the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve, home of the Three Fires Confederacy. As a Traditional Elder, Josh specializes in providing spiritual guidance, emotional balance, grounding and well-being in helping people learn from life experiences. He conducts talking, sharing and healing sessions, opening and closing ceremonies for schools, organizations, conferences, events, gatherings and workshops in both the Anishinaabe and English languages. Josh has supported Kenjgewin Teg’s students as a Knowledge Holder and Elder in Residence since 2017.

Honour and Remembrance

Shiikenh (Gordon) Waindubence-ba
Shiikenh (Gordon) Waindubence-baMyiingan Dodem (Wolf Clan)
Shiikenh (Gordon) Waindubence-ba was a treasured mentor, an Elder, a spiritual guide, and a faculty member who shared his life-long experience and Anishinabek teachings within Kenjgewin Teg’s place of learning for over 15 years on our Mnidoo Mnising campus. Shiikenh’s spiritual and cultural teachings, including Anishinaabe Aadziwin, helped Kenjgewin Teg find its foundational philosophies for Anishinabek education for future generations. During Shiikenh’s earth journey, he shared his leadership and guidance and many gifts as a ceremonial leader, pipe carrier, pow wow dancer, master carver, and fluent speaker of Anishinaabemowin. Shiikenh’s commitment and vision of building our Anishinabek Nation through Anishinabek clan governance and teachings using love, respect and kindness will remain with us always.