The Journey Together:  Mnidoo Mnising Sharing and Learning Centre for All

The early learning initiative was implemented in the year 2018 and funded through the Ministry of Education. The program has three important objectives:

  • Increase access to culturally relevant services for non-Indigenous and Indigenous families
  • Enhance Indigenous content in program delivery
  • Foster Indigenous identity
  • Support non-Indigenous and Indigenous educators develop their understanding and capacity when servicing Indigenous families.
Children learning about harvesting maple sap

Mnidoo Mnising Sharing and Learning Centre for All

The Mnidoo Mnising Sharing and Learning Centre for All offers professional development and promotes early learning opportunities for children, families, staff, educators, and early years educators who would like to ensure culturally responsive revitalization, pedagogy, and practices.

Programs and services delivered to 18 EarlyOn Sites across the Manitoulin Island/Sudbury District include:

  • Staff in-service
  • Professional development sessions
  • Children’s programming
  • EarlyON family programming
  • Community quilt projects
  • Drumming/drum teachings

Additional programs and services can be delivered remotely through the MMSLCA and include:

  • Quarterly PD sessions
  • Early Learning Labs
  • Learning Days
  • Nookmis Program
  • Building our Bundle
  • Drum and Shaker Workshops
  • Community Quilt Projects
  • Paint Night

Ask about our programs!

For more information, to inquire about past/future program offerings, or if there is a program that you’re interested in that is not listed above, send an inquiry to us! We’d love to hear from you.