Are you a Mature Student interested in obtaining your Ontario Grade 12 Diploma (OSSD) you may be closer to that goal than you think!

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process is the formal evaluation and credit-granting process whereby students may obtain credits for prior learning.

The process has two components:

  1. The junior component allows up to 16 credits to be granted based on the outcome of a series of evaluations based on grade 9 and 10 compulsory courses.
  2. The second phase honours the learning that a mature student has obtained outside the classroom for work and life experience. Up to 10 credits can be awarded through the process of documenting this learning and evaluating it against course outcomes.
Closeup of Kenjgewin Teg graduates at their graduation
Teacher giving a lecture to a large group outside the teaching lodge

In all cases, students wishing to obtain PLAR credits/equivalency must:

  1. Be 18 years of age and out of school for a period of one-year
  2. Meet with our Secondary School Staff regarding the appropriate process
  3. Complete an Application for Mature Students PLAR Grade 9 & 10 Individual Assessment/Equivalency Process; or
  4. Complete an Application for Mature Students for PLAR Grade 11 & 12 Equivalency
  5. Have Kenjgewin Teg staff decide on the appropriate process based on individual needs