Kenjgewin Teg is an Ontario Indigenous Institute recognized in the Indigenous Institutes Act, 2017. In this Act, a quality assurance body known as the Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council (IAESC) prescribes the requirements for recognized Indigenous Institutes in Ontario to meet 25 Organization Review standards prior to an Indigenous Institute creating and delivering its own credentials.

In January 2022, Kenjgewin Teg met the quality assurance standards for an Organization Review from IAESC and was declared an accredited Indigenous Institute in Ontario. With the requirements of an Organization Review now met, Kenjgewin Teg’s next steps are the creation of new credentials (diplomas, certificates and degrees) as further prescribed by the Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council.

New credentials created will be grounded within Kenjgewin Teg’s three key organizational philosophies.

For me, a "quality" program means:

“Somewhere I can learn in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Where my teachers care about each of their students, reaching out to them letting them know they're not alone and have support”
Class learning outdoors

Philosophies and Standards

As an Ontario accredited Anishinabek post-secondary place of learning by the Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council, there are foundational organizational philosophies that guide and support Kenjgewin Teg’s implementation of its long-term vision. Recognition of the history and ongoing relationship between Canada and Indigenous Nations, its impact on lifelong learning education outcomes, Anishinabek ways of life, and the significance of the Ojibwe language collectively represent Kenjgewin Teg’s way forward and our commitment to learners.

For me, a "quality" program means:

“What a student can take from a program and apply that to their life or future”

What Students Say “Quality” Means

2020-2021 Annual Student Satisfaction Survey

I would recommend Kenjgewin Teg to a friend, family member or colleague.

For me, a "quality" program means:

“An open, honest and supportive learning environment, that is informed by Anishinaabe teachings and worldview. That we take time to be in touch and connect with our hearts in order for us to best learn and retain what we came here to learn together”