Ontario College Diploma

Program Length

2 years (Jan 2021 – Dec 2022)

Start Date

January 2021 (Full-time status)


For the safety of all students & instructors and due to global pandemic, Semesters 1 & 2 Classes will be Online/Remote delivery. Remaining Semesters TBD. Students must have access to reliable internet service, as well as adequate hardware and software capability to participate in virtual classroom settings.

Delivery Mode

Virtual Classes will be held Monday to Friday, during Fall and Winter semesters. All classes will be delivered in Anishinaabemowin with English translation. Field placements are in person at selected sites (TBD).

Program Overview

The Anishinaabemowin Early Childhood (AEC) Program is a highly specialized Anishinaabe immersion program designed to train individuals who aspire to work in early childhood Anishinaabemowin Immersion settings. Anishinaabe Aadiziwin (Worldview) and Cultural perspective are at the heart of this program. AEC students must commit to improving their Ojibwe language acquisition while training to become early childhood educators. Beginner, intermediate and advanced Anishinaabemowin language speakers are welcome to apply; Ojibwe language assessments will be conducted prior to January 2021 and will be administered periodically throughout the program. For Field Placements, students may request placements in First Nation, rural &/or urban settings.

Placement Requirements

Criminal Reference Check w/ Vulnerable Sector Screening, Communicable Disease Screening Requirements (includes: TB skin test, up to date MMR, etc.), First Aid & CPR Level C; Sufficient strength and appropriate fitness capability.

Admission Requirements

OSSD or equivalent, ENG 4C or ENG 4U OR Mature student (ACCUPLACER testing)

Program of Study

Semester 1 (Jan.-Apr. 2021)

AEC100 Orientation Retreat
AEC102 Immersion Education 1
AEC104 Introduction to ECE
AEC105 Mino-Maadiziwin (Totality of Wellness)
AEC107 Shki-Maajiging 1 (Child Development – Infant)
AEC111 Introduction to Curriculum Planning (Infant & Toddler)
AEC116 Dibaadendiziwin (Guidance & Self-Regulation)
CMM125 College Communications
GED135 Personal Success Strategies

Semester 2 (Sep.-Dec. 2021)

AEC203 Immersion Education 2
AEC208 Shki-Maajiging 2: Child Development – Toddler)
AEC209 Niin-Anishinaabewoyaanh (Identity – Psychology)
AEC212 Curriculum Planning 2: Preschool
AEC215 Dibaamjigewin (Looking Out for the Child)
AEC218 Infant Care
AEC219 Ezhi-N’sastading 1: Personal and Family Communication
AEC224 Field Placement 1 (~ 4 wks FT, 36-40hrs/wk)

Semester 3 (Jan.-Apr. 2022)

AEC306 The Creative Environment
AEC313 Curriculum Planning 3: Kindergarten
AEC317 Mno-Daapinidiwin (Accepting One Another in a Good Way)
AEC320 Ezhi-N’sastading 2: Workplace & Community Communication
SOC100 Foundations of Sociology
AEC325 Field Placement 2 (~5 wks FT, 36-40hrs/wk)

Semester 4 (Sep.-Dec. 2022)

AEC414 Holistic Models in ECE
AEC421 Ezhi-N’sastading 3: The Whole Child
AEC422 Administration and Leadership
AEC423 Child Advocacy
GED100 Environmental Citizenship
AEC426 Field Placement 3 (~6 wks FT), 36-40hrs/wk)

Tuition Fees

First Semester FREE
Semesters 2 – 4 *$2,000.00/semester

This program is OSAP eligible.

Anishinaabemowin Early Childhood Education Fact Sheet

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Every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of information provided in this fact sheet with our valued post-secondary partners. Kenjgewin Teg and its partners reserve the right to modify any course, program, curriculum, fee, timetable or location at any time. As a community-based delivery program with its partner, this program offering is subject to approved funding and sufficient enrolment.

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