Ontario Masters Degree

Program Length

6 Academic Terms (2 years)

Start Date

September 2024, part-time status

Program Overview

The Indigenous Field of Study is the first Master of Social Work (MSW) program in Canada rooted in a wholistic Indigenous worldview and contemporary social work practice. The goal is to develop social work practitioners who demonstrate an understanding of and respect for the history, traditions and culture of the Indigenous peoples of Canada. This unique program includes the use of Indigenous elders, a traditional circle process and Indigenous ceremonies.

Students will develop an understanding of the Indigenous wholistic healing approach and the application of this knowledge within diverse and generalist practice contexts. The sequence of courses will enable students to develop an understanding of the interrelated and intergenerational impacts of Canadian policies with respect to Indigenous peoples and the effects of colonization. Colonization has impacts on individuals, families, communities, on policies regarding Indigenous peoples, on their culture and identity, on their capacity to engage in the Canadian free-market economy and on their capacity to live within their cultural traditions within Canadian society.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor of Social Work required.
  • B average in your last ten half-credit courses or equivalent.
  • Qualitative research methods course and eight half-credit social science courses.
  • Evidence of paid and/or voluntary experience in human service organizations is required. Two or more years of experience is strongly recommended.
  • Although this program is open to students of all cultural backgrounds, candidates for the Indigenous Field of Study must also have some familiarity with the traditional wholistic healing approach and/or have used it in their practice. This will be demonstrated through a personal statement, references and an admissions interview.

Ready to get started?

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