January 14, 2022 (M’Chigeeng) – A historical development in Indigenous post-secondary education was celebrated on Friday, January 14th, as Kenjgewin Teg shared their achievement in quality assurance by becoming an accredited Indigenous Institute in Ontario from the Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council (IAESC). Indigenous Institutes are the third pillar in Ontario’s post-secondary education sector, and upon a successful organization review, can offer certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

“The next generation of Anishinaabe leaders will be able to walk in two worlds. They will be strong in our Anishinaabe language, culture, and connection to the Land, and they will also have the education, skills, and training to support community growth and healing,” said Stephanie Roy, President of Kenjgewin Teg. “Supporting Indigenous students in achieving culturally-relevant higher education is at the heart of what we do.”

Located on Mnidoo Mnising (Manitoulin Island), Kenjgewin Teg provides post-secondary education and training programs grounded in the Anishinaabe worldview. Kenjgewin Teg recently acquired a knowledge bundle gift of 50+ Indigenous Studies courses from the University of Sudbury and is now working to build a stand-alone Indigenous Studies program focusing on Anishinabemowin (Ojibway language), land-based learning, governance, community development, and reconciliation with its new credential granting authority.

“Ensuring that we provide the highest quality education has been our top priority,” said Patsy Corbiere, Chairperson of the United Chiefs and Councils of Mnidoo Mnising. “Receiving accreditation by the Indigenous Education and Advanced Skills Council, IAESC, acknowledges our dedication to excellence in Anishinaabe education.”

“Kenjgewin Teg is meeting the unique needs of Indigenous learners in post-secondary education and training,” said IAESC Board Chair and Executive Director Laurie Robinson. “High quality programs ensure that learners are prepared to meet the conditions their communities face. It is a new era in Indigenous education.”

For more information on this announcement, please contact:

Beverley Roy, Director of Quality Assurance
Email: beverleyroy@kenjgewinteg.ca

Technical Briefing and FAQ’s

Who are Indigenous Institutes in Ontario?

Kenjgewin Teg is one of nine Indigenous Institutes in Ontario recognized under the Indigenous Institutes Act, 2017. Indigenous Institutes are acknowledged together with Colleges and Universities as part of the region’s higher education system. Indigenous Institutes like Kenjgewin Teg are grounded in Indigenous culture and look to their communities for strength, knowledge, and guidance in lifelong learning. Kenjgewin Teg offers a flexible adult learning environment supporting learners in various academic and career pathways. See kenjgewinteg.ca for more information on programs.

How do the quality assurance systems in Ontario’s Indigenous PSE landscape support “First Nation Control of First Nation Education?”

Like other Indigenous Institutes in Ontario, Kenjgewin Teg derives their original mandate and authority from the First Nation communities they serve. New and supporting systems and mechanisms in place, such as the Indigenous Institutes Act, 2017 and the quality assurance body, the Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council (IAESC), together support the implementation of First Nation community original mandates and control over First Nation education systems.

How quickly will new diplomas, certificates, and degrees be created and delivered by Kenjgewin Teg?

Kenjgewin Teg’s organizational recognition of credential granting authority is the first step within prescribed quality assurance processes for Indigenous Institutes in Ontario. The next steps in quality assurance for Kenjgewin Teg’s own-credentialed diplomas, certificates, and degrees require that individual programs now be submitted and approved by IAESC (see iaesc.ca). IAESC establishes this process, and all new diplomas, certificates, and degrees requirements undergo a separate quality assurance process as next steps. New programs and curriculum development by Kenjgewin Teg will take time and additional resources over the next five years, with some work already being started in this area.

What is currently happening and plans for the gift received of the Indigenous Studies degree program from the University of Sudbury?

In Fall 2021, Kenjgewin Teg was gifted the Indigenous Studies degree program from the University of Sudbury. This gift represents a tremendous opportunity for the continuity of delivery of Indigenous Studies to Northern Ontario learners to earn their degree, diploma, or certificate from an Indigenous Institute. In ensuring program continuity, in January 2022, a new innovative pilot project partnership with Kenjgewin Teg’s long-standing partner, Queen’s University, has three Indigenous studies courses now being delivered to learners directly from an Indigenous Institute. Kenjgewin Teg will be seeking expanded partnerships with other higher education institutions for further innovation to impact Ontario’s post-secondary learners.

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