Diploma, Nipissing University

Program Length

2.5 semesters (including two in-school placements during school year)

Program Delivery Mode


*may change pending local/provincial safety guidelines and/or program needs

Application Deadline

December 1, 2020

Program Overview

Classroom Assistants support teachers by helping to supervise activities in the classroom; working with children on an individual, small group or whole class basis. In some instances, classroom assistants work on a one-to-one basis with children with special educational needs.

The ICADP program consists of two parts: remote/online learning and two in-school (6-week) placements with a qualified teacher, in a classroom setting, during the school year. Students are enrolled in mandatory courses for the program.

Admission Requirements

Minimum completion of Ontario Grade 12 or equivalent. Candidates without grade 12 can be admitted if they are 20 years or older and have been out of school for two years or more.

Career Paths

After successfully completing the ICADP, candidates will be qualified to work, under the professional direction of the classroom teacher and school Principal, as a classroom assistant with Indigenous and non-Indigenous primary school children.

Tuition Fees

Program ICADP*
Tuition $4,430.95
Ancillary Fees $591.96
Total $5,022.91

(*approximate for Part 1, subject to change)

Sample Scheduling

Part I

Winter: January – April 2021 (Remote Learning)

EDUC 1023 Introduction to Literacy Strategies (2.5 cr)*
EDUC 1124 Introduction to Numeracy Strategies (2.5 cr)*
EDUC 1034 Introduction to Canadian Indigenous Studies (2.5 cr)
EDUC 1043 Child Development (2.5 cr)
EDUC 1063 Information Technology in Classrooms (2.5 cr)
EDUC 2012 Working with Indigenous Children with Special Needs I (2.5 cr)*

*denotes pre-requisites required prior to placement and/or second semester

Spring: May – June 2021

EDUC 1010 In-school placement/practicum with a qualified teacher, in a classroom setting (6 weeks)

Part II

Summer: June – July 2021 (Remote/Blended Learning)

EDUC 2023 Literacy Strategies II (2.5 cr)
EDUC 2033 Healthy Active Living Strategies for Indigenous Students (2.5 cr)

Fall: September – December 2021 (Remote/Blended Learning)

EDUC 2010 In-school placement/practicum with a qualified teacher, in a classroom setting (6 weeks)
EDUC 2034 Indigenous Children’s Health and Wellbeing (2.5 cr)
EDUC 2043 Language Arts Strategies (2.5 cr)
EDUC 2124 Numeracy Strategies II (2.5 cr)
EDUC 3012 Working with Indigenous Children with Special Needs II (2.5 cr)

NOTE: Students must successfully pass all of the PART 1 courses (with 60% minimum/course before proceeding to PART 2 in the program.)

Indigenous Classroom Assistant Program Fact Sheet

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Every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of information provided in this fact sheet with our valued post-secondary partners. Kenjgewin Teg and its partners reserve the right to modify any course, program, curriculum, fee, timetable or location at any time. As a community-based delivery program with its partner, this program offering is subject to approved funding and sufficient enrolment.

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