Ontario College Certificate

Program Length

One year (two semesters), fully asynchronous

Start Date

Fall Cohort: September 2023 (Full-time status)

Program Overview

This program trains students to offer personal care
and home management services to clients in
community or institutional settings. Personal
support workers provide services to clients with
physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioural
challenges. The program is delivered through
community placements and in the home
environment simulation lab which is equipped with
high-end fidelity audio/visual equipment and
interactive mannequins. PSWs are highly sought
after as health care providers, working
collaboratively as part of the health care team or in
a supported independent living environment.

Program Outcomes

What you will learn:

  • Nutritional menu planning
  • Clinical and community care (hospital and long-term)
  • Simulation and lab work
  • Diseases and pharmacology
  • Patient client home care

Certificate Requirements

Semester 1

CMM125 Communication Fundamentals
PSW185 Professional Issues
PSW152 Client, Family and Community
PSY200 Lifespan Development
PSW235 Numeracy and Healthy Living
CLT100 Canada’s First People
PSW180 Biology

Semester 2

PSW205 Mental Health
PSW162 Lab I
PSW210 Lab II
PSW230 Clinical
PSW300 Consolidation

Additional Training Provided

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Mask fit testing
  • Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA)

Other Certificate Requirements

Enrolled students must provide to Program Coordinator or Registrar prior to first day of class:

  • CPIC /VSS –required before admissions and before clinical (fee will be reimbursed with receipt provided)
  • TB Testing – before clinical in second semester
  • Scrubs (2 sets)
  • Hep B Immunization (if required for clinical)

Ready to get started?

Every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of information provided in this fact sheet with our valued post-secondary partners. Kenjgewin Teg and its partners reserve the right to modify any course, program, curriculum, fee, timetable or location at any time. As a community-based delivery program with its partner, this program offering is subject to approved funding and sufficient enrolment.